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Fans of Allison Harvard

We love Allison Harvard!
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We are the fans of Allison Harvard: artist & model!
about alliharvardfans

• Keep all posts on topic (having to do with Allison Harvard, of course).
• Don't promote your personal journal. This is not an add me community.
• Promote your communities elsewhere unless they are directly relevant to Allison Harvard and other things are included in the same entry (such as pictures of Allison, links, etc). Entries containing solely community promotion will be deleted.
• Don't steal others' bandwidth- upload your images to your own server!
• Put pictures larger than 700px in diameter under a cut.
• If you're posting more than one picture, put all but the first under a cut.
• Type in proper grammer (a few typos here and there is acceptable, but posts with 'chatspeak' will be deleted with no questions asked).
• Do not post anything distasteful, even if on topic. Example- nude fan art of Allison.
• Do not start "drama," name call, or swear at other members. However, using swear words in your posts is acceptable but not preferred.
• Do not make a post asking if you can become a mod. I am the sole mod/creator- the rules are at my discretion and I'm not looking for helper mods.
• If you have been banned, do not ask in comments in the community journal or on my personal journal why this is- you may send me a private message on greenfall if you need clarification.
• I have yet to ban a single person, so if I do end up banning you from this community, it is because you deliberately violated the rules. You will get no second chances, but making that big of a mistake in the first place is hard to do.

Remember that this community is run by all of you! Therefore I encourage any and all suggestions to be sent to me via private message.

Most importantly, have fun discussing the loveliness of Allison Harvard!
your moderator/maintainer: greenfall
Please read all the rules before joining this community.
A big thank you to topmodel & 1topmodel for featuring us!

‎*** The new banner will be up (with a new layout) once I can find the time!
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